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About Hong Kong - For Intermediate Cantonese Learners  
ISBN : 962-279-225-1
  Betty Hung & C. M. Si
  Paperback, 106pp (with 1 CD)
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  US $21.95
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This is a book for people who are interested in the society of Hong Kong. It is also ideal for intermediate Cantonese learners to increase their vocabulary and learn how to present a topic. The topics covered in this book include housing, food, transportation and leisure/entertainment, which are essential aspects of daily life. In addiction, topics on education, social welfare, medical care and the economy give you a better idea about the structure of the society. All these topics show the uniqueness and sophistication of Hong Kong.
Features & Benefits
10 essays about the society of Hong Kong
Learn about Cantonese and Hong Kong culture at the same time
Over 500 vocabularies and many useful sentence patterns
Ideal for course or self-study
Both Romanization and Chinese characters provide
English and Mandarin translation of the script
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