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Cantonese in Hong Kong  
ISBN : 978-962-279-247-0
  Kwok-kin Chan and Chung-mou Si
  Paperback (15.2 22.7)cm, 184pp, 1 MP3
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  US $32.95
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This book is written for Mainland Chinese, Taiwan Chinese and over seas Chinese as well as foreigners who wish to learn Cantonese. Each chapter of his book comprises consists of five interdependent sections: Text, Vocabulary, Patterns/words/phrases, Pronunciation, and Exercise. The contents concern social life in Hong Kong, with the emphasis on raising the interests of the students to stimulate learning motives. Contrastive studies with Potonghua (Mandarin) are incorporated in the three sections Vocabulary, Patterns/words/Phrases, and Pronunciation to enhance teaching effectiveness. Different types of exercises are introduced to practice the subject contents thoroughly. Apart from the usual extension drills, substitution drills, short talks and discussions, there are addition items such as slang and phrases with hidden meaning.
Features & Benefits
Written especially foe Chinese of different ethnic backgrounds
Includes engaging subject matter unique to Hong Kong culture and social setting
Incorporates contrastive studies with Putonghua (mandarin) to enhance learning experience
Contains extensive drills, short talks and discussions to reinforce each topic
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